China´s Changing Banking Industry

    China's banking sector has risen phoenix-like from the ash heap of the world's financial crisis. The performance of key financial indicators clearly outperforms their international peers. Simultaneously, China's banking industry is changing rapidly. Already today, China's banking market is one of the most important ones on a global scale and the future looks exiting as well.

The book analyses in three chapters the changing landscape of banking and finance in China and takes a deeper look in the development of the business model of Chinese banks and the continuing changes of the regulatory environment in China. It also analyses the development of Shanghai as an international financial centre and its impact on the banking and finance industry in China.

The book is edited by Dr. Chun Chang and Dr. Horst Löchel both outstanding scholars of China's banking and finance industry. They brought together a range of well known Chinese and international experts from the industry as well as from science. Dr. Yang Li, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Social Science, and one of the leading experts of banking and finance in China, wrote the preface of the book.

Chun Chang / Horst Löchel (Eds.)
China´s Changing Banking Industry
First Published 2012
XVIII, 353 pp., Paperback, 49,90 EUR
ISBN 978-3-940913-42-5

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